Alex's Experiences at the CSCL Dunoon IdeasXchange

Submitted by ENABLE on 28 February, 2014 - 12:40

My name is Alex Stobart and I attended a day in Dunoon, called IdeasXchange.

On Thursday February 21st, about thirty of us gathered at a sea-side Hotel in Dunoon, Argyll for a workshop about Self Directed Support. This was an apt location with a sea view, and an example of the challenge for practitioners, given that Argyll has a longer coastline than France. It had taken me three hours from Edinburgh, and others three hours from Campbeltown or two from Oban.

Pilotlight: Working in Co-design Teams

Submitted by IRISS on 11 February, 2014 - 11:50

Pilotlight is a project about co-designing pathways to self-directed support for groups of people who have so far been less engaged with the self-directed support agenda.

Specialist IdeasXchanges

Submitted by ENABLE on 20 December, 2013 - 10:34

ENABLE Scotland’s role in the Changing Support, Changing Lives partnership is to deliver learning events, in the form of conferences and IdeasXchange workshops. Recently the team has been working to develop a new range of IdeasXchange sessions, designed to offer solutions-focussed support to people working in back office functions of support providers.

CSCL Planning Day - 20th August 2013

Submitted by In Control Scotland on 26 August, 2013 - 13:42

The CSCL Partners and CSCL Reference Group had a planning day on the 20th August 2013.  The day was very inspiring and everyone contributed with lots of great ideas on how we could work together better and more productively to move things forward with Self Directed Support.  Everyone in attendance got a lot of the day and we came away with a good action plan of our next steps.

24 CSCL Planning Day 4

23 CSCL Planning Day 3

22 CSCL Planning Day 2

How to be Person Centred and manage risk

Submitted by In Control Scotland on 9 July, 2013 - 12:01

That's Life - Person Centred Approaches to Risk    Glasgow 13th June 2013

Seeing the whole person - not just the risk

Submitted by In Control Scotland on 9 May, 2013 - 21:07

That's Life - Person Centred Approaches to Risk    Edinburgh   30th April 2013   
It is great to see new people and repeat attendees at events;  working collaboratively and making the days fun as well as informative.   Run by  Louise Close, of Helen Sanderson Associates, this day took participants through actual risk situations using person centred thinking tools.  

Who owns the risk, and how should we manage it?

Submitted by In Control Scotland on 6 May, 2013 - 16:21

Louise Close facilitated the first in a series of sessions called “That’s Life – Person Centred Risk” in Aberdeen on  19th of March.

There was a broad spread of backgrounds of the participants, which helped to create a balanced discussion throughout the day on how the current views on risk can result in particular stances being taken. We explored the reasons for a lot of these “positions” and through a series of example based discussions, started to pick apart the logic, effectiveness and conclusions of these approaches.

Another informative and thought provoking day on outcomes took place in Glasgow towards the end of March. It was fully subscribed and was facilitated by Gordon Dunbar from the Joint Improvement Team and Linsey Graham and Ross Grieve from Thistle Foundation.

Teachers and nurses can have One Page Profiles too!

Submitted by In Control Scotland on 4 April, 2013 - 16:38

Getting ready for Personalisation and Self Directed Support in Children's Services

12th & 13th March 2013


Same Shoes and Bling! - Embedding a personal outcomes approach 25th February 2013

Submitted by In Control Scotland on 1 March, 2013 - 09:49

Over 30 people took part in the recent training event at the Melting Pot in Edinburgh, participants from a wide variety  of organisations got together to explore, share and develop a collective understanding of personal outcomes approaches and how people can be supported to maintain, achieve and make changes in their lives in the things that matter to them.  
The event was facilitated by Gordon Dunbar JIT, Linsey Graham Thistle Foundation, Gail Cunningham Thistle Foundation and Ross Grieve Thistle Foundation.  

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